Venue Partnerships

E.A.T. Foundation is a pop-up dining experience bringing engaged and energetic individuals from your community into your venue — which can then showcase you, your mission, and your space in the best light possible.

We are able to do this through the use of the oldest and most consistently used social network on the planet: the dining table.

In addition to our track record of providing outstanding events, we are a non-profit foundation with a mission to eliminate food deserts.

With each event we put on, no less than 10% of the net proceeds are reserved for this purpose.

But who, exactly, are we, and what does our community look like?

Our audience includes young to middle-aged professionals interested in novel dining experiences; those attracted to experiencing different cultures, ideas, and perspectives; and invested in the growth and strengthening of their communities.

Because of their energy and investment, they are eager to share those experiences they find most enjoyable within their own social circles and with the people around them. This makes them an ideal audience for word of mouth advertising. They can help you solidify your reputation as a venue and promote your role as an integral part of your community.

But it’s not only through our guests’ natural engagement that we will bring your venue exposure and public interest…


As building and strengthening communities is a goal, a natural corollary offshoot is the support and investment in local businesses and cultural spaces like yours.

Working with E.A.T., you are guaranteed the following:

1. We will generate visual and written content about your venue through the lens of our event, share all of this content with you to use in any way you see fit, and emphasize the investment that YOU have made in your community.

2. Inclusion in our well-received and reviewed past events blog., We highlight the aspects of your venue that are most admirable/unique/important/etc., in addition to pointing our readership to your website, social media accounts, or any other information you may identify.

3. TWO (2) complimentary tickets from us will be provided to you. You can use these tickets however you so choose: as a gift to a donor, loyal customer, new client, or for yourself — just let us know who is coming 72 hours before the event. This gives you a chance to get face-to-face with the members in your community who are influencers in a setting that naturally results in a positive attitude with easy flowing conversation and joviality.

4. We will provide you with the evaluations we receive regarding your venue. This gives you the impetus for continual quality improvement. We ask attendees to provide us with feedback regarding all aspects of the evening from décor/atmosphere, to the quality of interactions with the venue owner and host, to the likelihood that they will return to the venue, along with their contact information. We do this because we know that with every experience comes an opportunity to learn and improve, and we believe that sharing this opportunity with as many people as possible is an ethical imperative. We are committed to the notion that a “a rising tide lifts all boats.” – together we can do more!

5. We will work to support your own independent projects in any ways we can as we are always looking with an eye towards the future and long-term relationships with those who work with us.


Unless you’ve attended an event, it’s hard to get a feel for what the actual evening is like. It is unlike anything you may have previously experienced: the camaraderie, the novelty, the altruistic intent of the evening all combine to create an environment that is meaningful, memorable, and important. And, by providing a venue, YOU WILL BE INDELIBLY ETCHED IN THE MINDS OF OUR GUESTS and exposed to our thousands of subscribers.

When you share a meal with someone, in reality you do so much more. You are able to decompress, reinvigorate yourself, and reconnect to those around you. As this is the result of all that we do, we are eager to show you in person the power of sharing a meal, which is really so much more, with us and your community.

We'd love you to host an E.A.T. event