reFRESH | June 19, 2017


Roanoke VA
June 19, 2017
7:00pm until 10:00pm

Tickets: $85/pp

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Come rejuvenate your relationship to food, the land, and your community.

Food is constantly changing as a tool for communication, self expression, and creative output. It is a lens through which we might interpret and understand our culture. It is reflective of everything from fleeting trend (I’m looking at you “Unicorn Everything”), to human constants (bread, beer, rice, and honey are nearly as ancient as civilization itself). It is an edible historical artifact, something “owned” and experienced by everyone, something to which we can all lay claim, reformulate, and share with those around us.

On June 19th, in Roanoke, VA, E.A.T. will host reFRESH, an event built around the ideas of reformulation, rejuvenation, and refurbishment. Our chef will be taking dishes and menu items that have fallen out of popular usage, and revitalizing them in the kitchen, getting them back in tune with modern taste.

Looking to the past for inspiration, we are given a chance to learn from the culinary breakthroughs of the great chefs, and avoid their missteps. We are even offered a brief look into the surrounding culture and history of the period itself. (Personally, I find the juxtaposition of the opulence of the restaurant fare of the 1910’s, against the cut-down, bare minimum rationing of the First World War to be an extremely interesting snapshot of the parallel worlds of cuisine and world history).

As they say, “those who forget culinary history are doomed to re-eat it,” so join us for this culinary trip back in time through the dishes of yesteryear, as we dig our forks into the next chapter of food’s rich, complex, and delicious history.

Tickets for reFRESH Roanoke VA | June 19, 2017
Please let us know if you are unable to eat certain food items, so that we may plan accordingly.
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