Past Events

Past Event | Richmond March 1, 2017

PAST EVENT Intersections 1 March 2017 Woven through Intersections, was a conscious effort to give E.A.T.’s guests the practical tools to approach their home dining experiences in a way that makes those experiences more memorable, beautiful, and of course, delicious....

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Past Event | Roanoke January 25, 2017

PAST EVENT Spectrum 26 January 2017 On January 26th, E.A.T. popped up in Roanoke, VA at the Aurora Studio Center for an evening of culinary exploration into the world of multi-sensory dining. Our gustatory guinea pigs came with open minds and appetites to take part in...

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Past Event | Richmond December 12, 2016

PAST EVENT Revolutionary Celebrations 12 December 2016 E.A.T.’s culinary adventure on December 12th, in Richmond, VA – Revolutionary Celebrations – tracks two distinct, but parallel narratives. The first is a story encompassing America’s beginnings through the lens of...

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