Our Holiday Cocktail List

Is a holiday really complete before the nightcap? I would argue, no, no it is not. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of cocktails for the holidays this season. We’ve tried to spread our selection of festive libations to cover your nightcapping, celebratory needs for several holidays.


But of course, if you know of any we’ve missed, or you have a festive cocktail that you think deserves to be shared with our community, please send an email to info@eatogether.org or zachary@eatogether.org and we might include your suggestions in a follow up to this post! Also, if you try out any of these recipes, send your pictures and a review to us — we always love to see how our community is using the information we send out!

Without any further ado — here are some cocktails to augment your cheer this season.


We know that Thanksgiving has already passed, but this libationary take on one of the classic Thanksgiving side dishes looked too good not to share.

Behold! The Cranberry Sauce Margarita (Recipe: courtesy delish.com). Try not to get too sauced though (excuse the pun) — depending on your proclivity for tequila, this untraditional side dish might be more instrumental than the tryptophan when it comes to tapping out of Thanksgiving early…


This December, take the festival of lights to the next level with The Dreidel (Recipe: courtesy Nopa in San Francisco). This delightful cocktail incorporates a myriad of fruit flavors (plum, apple, lemon, and cherry) along with an emulsified egg white to create a sweet and foamy concoction that, no doubt, pairs great with a couple latkes.

If you are looking for the perfect drink to sip around the menorah, look no further, but be warned, it is highly unlikely that the liquid filling your glass will last eight days…


If the colder, shorter days of winter make you long for warm beaches and the Summer sun, try the Jack Frost (Recipe: courtesy The Blond Cook), a cocktail which beautifully incorporates the flavors and textures of Christmastime and Tiki Bar Culture into a single holiday potion.

With a rim flaked in coconut, a beautiful teal-blue hue, and a snowy texture, this drink will have you saying “Mele Kalikimaka” in no time.

Boxing Day

Instead of a single cocktail for this day-after-Christmas celebration, we thought we would point you towards a box of them… received monthly… as part of a subscription. Is that excessive? Maybe, but you have to admit, if you’re a fan of tending bar at gatherings of family and friends, SaloonBox seems like a pretty cool idea.


As people are brought together, food and drink are almost always integral aspects of the celebration. With the flavors of green tea, mint, and ginger being popular in both the libations and culinary fare of this weeklong celebration, the Green Tea Gimlet is a great cocktail to share with your community this Kwanzaa.

What’s more, this libation can be prepared in ahead of time in a pitcher to be served at large gatherings, making it a superb fit for the communalistic intent of this celebration of history, community, and tradition.
Joyous Kwanzaa!

New Years

A New Year’s celebration is incomplete without a few bottles of bubbly being popped, poured, and enjoyed. Why not add to the cheer of the season with Elisa’s Champagne Cocktail, a drink that is sure to start your New Year off sweetly.

And while you’re at it, why not check out this list of 14 New Years Eve Champagne Desserts, to bring the holiday cheer from your glass to your plate.