Chef Partnerships

E.A.T. Foundation is a pop-up dining experience bringing engaged and energetic individuals from your community into your venue — which can then showcase you, your mission, and your space in the best light possible.

We are able to do this through the use of the oldest and most consistently used social network on the planet: the dining table.

Why Be a Part of E.A.T.?

Beyond the inherent benefits of providing an excited group of people with an exceptional dining experience, E.A.T. strives to ensure that this is not only a chance for you to demonstrate your culinary prowess, but for you to hone your craft and use our events as a learning experience as well.

You could not ask for a more receptive and engaged audience to your cooking.

Our guests know that sharing dining experience is much more than a meal.

It’s a chance to explore someone’s culinary philosophy, an opportunity to break down the barriers that separate us in our fast-paced daily lives, and a moment for reconnecting to our community through the oldest social network that exists: the dining table.

Cooking for E.A.T.’s guests, you will be forced to stretch yourself creatively, and reevaluate the reasons behind your love of the craft.

Clarifying your culinary vision, you will bring people together – this laudable aspiration is at the core of everything we do.


At an E.A.T. event, you will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Interact directly with the most engaged and excited culinary enthusiasts in your community, forming a personal connection to them in the process
  2. Ask questions and receive immediate answers about what works, and what doesn’t, what could be tweaked, and what was exceptional
  3. Mention any of your other endeavors, culinary or otherwise, to a group of people who like sharing what they learn, enjoy, and experience within their own social circles
  4. Collect and review written evaluations of the evening that measure everything from the taste, plating, presentation, wine pairing, chef’s interaction, to the likelihood of our guests returning to wherever you may find yourself in the kitchen. We collect this data so that we, and you, have a concrete foundation upon which to support our progress going forward, as we learn what are the most important elements of an exceptional dining experience.


Tangibly, due to the interest E.A.T. guests have in food in all of its various permutations, our events result in social media postings being shared in real time during and after the event. E.A.T. incentivizes this type of active engagement with our points system, through which we offer special deals, gifts, and experiences to our supporters.

A breakdown of the points system can be found HERE, if you are interested in learning more.


In addition to the exposure our guests provide, E.A.T. works diligently to showcase you, our chef, in the best light possible. We have a well-attended blog in which we chronicle our past events, discussing the menu, the theme, and the chef’s culinary approach to the evening. In these posts, which are easily accessible online, we link directly to the chef’s personal and professional pages, or any other site or materials to which they would like us to direct our readership.

As our main motivation with each of these events is to reinforce a sense of community using culinary experiences as our tool, sharing your personal efforts within the community with our subscribers is a natural extension of this goal.


Finally, as E.A.T. continues to work with multiple chefs, venues, farms, and individuals within our community, we are in a unique position to act as facilitator between you and other facets of your town’s culinary community.

You want to get in touch with a local farm? Would you like to invite an impromptu panel of guests to try out some new menu items? Is there a kitchen in the area that you are interested in working with? We are always connecting with our community, and we jump at any chance to continue to strengthen that community through working together.

Become an E.A.T. Chef