About E.A.T. Foundation

E.A.T. is a community table. We orchestrate pop-up dining experiences designed to highlight the connections that exist between individuals and their communities. Our events are exploratory in nature, as we push chefs to stretch themselves creatively in order to create shared experiences for our guests that are memorable and singular.

We truly believe that sharing a meal with someone, the barriers that separate us in our daily lives dissipate. This is the main motivation woven through E.A.T.’s five to seven course dining experiences: bringing people together. We wish to provide exceptional culinary, educational, and social experiences for each of our guests. We do so around the oldest social network that exists: the dining table.

E.A.T. Foundation is a non-profit foundation, with a mission to eliminate food deserts. With each E.A.T. event, no less than 10% of the net proceeds are reserved for this goal. Whether we can get a farmer’s market into a part of the city that lacks adequate access to fresh produce, convince a convenience store to carry fresh fruits and vegetables if only for a couple of weeks, or even inspire a member of the community to go on a grocery run with a neighbor who doesn’t have transportation, we believe that equal access to fresh food is imperative to the maintenance of a healthy society.

Our Mission: Strengthening communities around the table.