About E.A.T. Foundation

Who are we?

E.A.T. Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, whose mission is the eradication of food deserts and the promotion of food equality, “strengthening communities around the table.” We differ from the other nonprofit organizations that share this space in crucial ways.

The majority of other non-profits with similar, food-equality-based missions look at this pervasive problem through a lens of unequal access, and their efforts are geared towards increasing access alone, through urban agriculture, lobbying grocers on behalf of underserved neighborhoods, and other like methods. While greater, more equal access is a necessary step, we believe (and much research has been done to support our belief) that access alone is an incomplete, ineffective answer to the problem of food-inequality in our community.

Any solution to the problem of food-inequality must go further, to address our food behaviors, which are the lynch pin lying at the center of food-inequality.

So, that’s what we do. With all of our projects and events, we incorporate as many different facets of the food experience into our approach as possible, so that we might shape food behaviors through a widened perspective of what “the shared meal” really means in terms of its environmental, economic, social, and individual impact. We actively demonstrate the power of food as a communication tool, narrative device, artistic medium, and form of self-expression, in addition to emphasizing food’s physical necessity and utility, and the natural pleasures that are shared and enjoyed around the dining table.

Through this holistic approach, we cultivate a more conscious awareness of what it means to produce, purchase, prepare, and share food. We believe that the more knowledge we have of our community’s food systems, the more likely we are to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to food choice for ourselves and for our families.

Pop Up Dining

E.A.T. uses pop-up dining events as our platform to educate, fundraise, and increase awareness of the problem of food-inequity throughout the community. With each of our events, we curate a theme, around which a narrative for the evening/menu is woven. Our themes cover everything from the histories of food items and culinary traditions, to the scientific approach to food being taken in the worlds of multisensory dining and “neurogastronomy.”

With everything we do, whether one of our projects, collaboration with another non-profit organization, or a fundraising event, seeks to emphasize the connective and communicative aspect of food, with an eye towards positively affecting our investment in food decisions and behaviors.

Our events are exploratory in nature, as we push chefs to stretch themselves creatively in order to guide shared experiences for our guests that bring us well beyond our typical experience of food.

Believing as we do that sharing a meal with someone, the barriers that separate us in our daily lives dissipate, this primary motivation is woven through E.A.T.’s five to seven course dining experiences: bringing people together. We wish to provide exceptional culinary, educational, and social experiences for each of our guests. We do so around the oldest social network that exists: the dining table.

With each E.A.T. event, no less than 10% of the net proceeds are reserved for use in our non-profit projects.